American Escort – How It Really Works In Vegas

If you have not watched the above documentary before, you may be confused as to why there are some things which are legal, while some are illegal. In the video above, you will learn the intricacies of the escort industry in Vegas and how operators there work.

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Of course, there are other sites, just that the above is my favorite.

Best Places To Wine With An Escort In Vegas

Here are the top 5 places in the famous Las Vegas strip that you can wine and dine with your favorite escort. If you need a recommendation for the social escort model instead, I recommend that you pick Vegas Dream Escorts. Check out their selection of high quality models.

First and foremost, it will be the famous La Cave of The Wynn. With a huge selection of over 50 glass choices and more than 200 bottles available to spoil yourself with, La Cave is the perfect date night location for you and your chosen escort if you love wine. With exquisite wine for your selection, and a choice of indoors or outdoors dining, La Cave is definitely one of the hottest places you can bring an escort to without attracting unnecessary attention to yourself while in the Las Vegas strip.

Second of all, Aureole at the Mandalay Bay. Don’t let the name scare you. It’s definitely secure with ridiculous security checks now. Something very interesting about this location is that the wine bottles are actually stored in a wine TOWER. Yes, you had read that right. They have such a huge selection that they need to store it in a four story wine tower. In fact, your waitresses will be hoisted into the air to fetch your wine selection for you – talk about some eye candy while eating and dining with your escort!

Thirdly, it will be the wine cellar of The Rio – this is my personal recommendation and favorite out of the five discussed in this article. At the side of the casino of The Rio, there is a stairwell that leads you down to one of the largest wine collections in Nevada. With roughly 500o to 9000 bottles on hand, it is a must go for wine lovers. Additionally, it has a cosy feeling too, and quiet enough for you to be able to converse with your escort without shouting.

Fourth of all, it would be Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand. Sure, there was the nonsensical B.S. which happened just across MGM Grand at the Mandalay Bay just last year, but it definitely is a great spot. This is particularly the case if you love Bordeaux or Burgundy, as they have a lot of choices for those two. They do not have as many bottles of wine as the wine cellar of The Rio, but it is still definitely decent enough, and has a relatively cosy yet high class feeling to the location.

Finally, Martorano’s at Paris Las Vegas is definitely a popular option for many tourists. Personally, not a big fan of it, but it’s popular among tourists so I need to give it a shoutout. This is because Paris Las Vegas is a popular spot for tourists to snap photos away at, and due to that, many people also like shopping and dining at this location – making Martorano’s a popular spot for tourists. Not a must go – but definitely convenient if you are taking lots of photos near this location anyway.

Working As A Vegas Escort (4 Steps To Ensure Your Safety)

If you are interested in working at an escort website in Vegas, then I highly recommend you apply to, they have a simple and easy online application and verification process, after which you can start working and getting clients within days, or even hours if you are attractive enough!

With that said, this post is for the women who want to be an escort in Vegas, yet are afraid to make a wrong step and end up on the wrong side of the law or be shot dead.

Here are some big tips for you if you want to work as a Vegas escort, which I have helped you get from a (now retired) 27 year old Las Vegas female companion.

Working in Las Vegas as a social escort can be extremely financially rewarding, yet stressful and scary at the same time.

‘Taylor’ was an escort for over 5 to 6 years in Las Vegas, and has made a pretty 6 to 7 figure fortune when doing so. She has also fortunately stayed safe of all the unnecessary drama and BS sometimes associated with this industry while making a lot of money. Here are some tips from her, under the sole condition of complete anonymity.

First of all, ‘Taylor’ recommends you do not work for pimps. Don’t mess with them, as many of them are violent, and are basically ‘slave masters’ and doing illegal work. Work for escort websites or agencies. There is a difference between them. If you work for a pimp, you are going to be beaten and be forced to prostitute yourself – which is miserable and is also highly illegal in Vegas. On the other hand, if you work for escort agencies directly, you simply are going on paid dates (which is legal), while not selling your body.

Secondly, make sure you are actually licensed to work in the state of Nevada. If you are a United States citizen, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. However, if you are a foreigner, or a work permit holder, then make sure to check if your status allows you to legally work in Vegas, Nevada. You don’t want to be caught being an illegal alien or working illegally in Nevada.

Thirdly, do not deal with customers directly. If they ask you for your real name, contact number, social media profile or anything like that, simply reject them. You have no idea how easily your real data can be tracked down by or risk being actually stalked by these stranger clients if you were to give them your real details. Only provide your real details to escort websites/agencies, and not to the clients under all circumstances – don’t say I didn’t WARN you!

Fourthly, please note that even for the more open-minded women who are thinking of becoming an escort, that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas itself. It is legal in certain tiny counties around the Las Vegas strip, but it is 100% illegal under all circumstances in Vegas. So do not do stupid things like soliciting prostitution for extra money. That is highly illegal.

How To Find The Best Escorts In Las Vegas (5 Steps)

Looking for the best escorts in Las Vegas? Finding an escort in Las Vegas need not be a hard nor scary nor confusing thing. It is very easy if you simply know the laws, and follow the following steps:

1. First of all, if you want to avoid unnecessary police drama relating to issues nothing to do with you, never find escorts at an incall location. Lots of drama happen there. Stick only to outcall escorts in Las Vegas, Nevada to stay drama free.

2. Second of all, don’t bother walking down the streets to pick up escort cards in the Vegas strip. A far more efficient way to do this is to simply Google for such escorts agencies and websites. Tons of them will appear with their photographs as well. Just make sure to steer clear of Backpage as they are renowned for having lots of fake photographs. Most other sites are fine.

3. Third of all, stick to larger websites which verify their escorts if you want to ensure that the model who turns up actually looks like the person who is shown in the photographs on the website you visit. If you visit independent sites, there is a higher possibility of fake ones. Of course, this means actual escort website directories, and not classified ads sites as those are fraught with fake photos and profiles too.

4. Next of all, always make sure to think through who you want first. This means that you should think through and browse through the escort website directories to see who you are okay with, and then contact the agency. This is because not all escorts may be working on any given day – therefore, it will be better if you have multiple choices, and can opt for anyone of them depending on who’s available that day or evening in Las Vegas.

5. Finally, there are usually two ways in which you can get verified so that the escorts will meet you.
A) Independent escorts usually ask you for your name, job, company you are working at, e.t.c. and ask for references. In my opinion, this is getting ridiculous. Most people just visit Vegas for the weekend or are there for a business trip, and it’s unnecessary to give so much information. But of course, if you really trust and like her so much, then give it to her.

B) Most aggregated escort websites and agencies are far simpler, and will only ask you for your name and room number. They will then verify the information that you have provided and give you a call back or simply message you back. I generally prefer this, as I like outcalls anyway as explained above.