Why No Strings Attached Relationships Are The Future

There are some times where getting married makes more sense – e.g. if you want children. However, if you do not intend to have children, getting married is a terrible option for you. Sugar babies and escorts are the way to go for men who do not intend to have children.

Think about this – a lot of people think that engaging escorts is very expensive and only for the rich. However, did you know that a marriage is far more costly in the long run even if you stay married? There are tons of household expenses, time and effort needed to be put into a marriage. You will probably spend well over $2,000 a month to sustain all the things needed to maintain a marriage. However, that is equivalent to 4 $500 escorts! Additionally, your wife may lose her attractiveness and her attraction to you over the years, while an escort will always be young, attractive and (at least pretend to be) attracted to you! Escorts are a small cost for a large value.

If you used your rational brain to think about it, you will soon realize that marriages are simply a detriment to men. You can get all the benefits of a relationship without getting married. But once you get married, you get the one extremely big liability – the splitting of assets and mandatory payment of alimony if you ever split up with your wife! Crap! Now you know why women are so excited about marriage and weddings while men seldom are. The reason is a logical one.

If you finally see the reasons why marriage is detrimental to all men, you will understand there are many men who are going the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) route.

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