How Successful Escorts Find Clients – 3 Methods No One Told You

Becoming successful as an escort in the world’s entertainment hub, Las Vegas, is not easy, considering the sheer amount of competition in the city. To stand out and succeed as an escort in Las Vegas, there are definitely nifty tips and tricks required to succeed.

Thankfully for you, I am about to reveal 5 hidden secrets only top escorts use to get clients legally in Vegas.

Secret #1 – Decide on a niche before you even start your career as an escort. Some girls like to be the ‘girl next door’. Other girls’ looks and personality suits ‘elegant and classy’ more. Regardless of which niche you want to be in, it is highly recommended that you create a niche for yourself, so that you are better able to attract clients. If you are just an average pretty girl who’s eloquent and friendly, you will not be able to stand out from the sea of escorts in Las Vegas. By creating a niche for yourself, you will be able to better attract clients who love girls your ‘type’.

Secret #2 –Work with an existing agency or escort website. The quickest way to get clients is to get listed on a website that is already on page 1 of Google. Sites listed on Google page 1 gets a ton of search engine traffic. Due to the privacy concerns when engaging escorts in Vegas, many clients turn to Google to search for escorts discretely. Therefore, these sites likeĀ get a lot of traffic. Try to get listed on big sites like the one above, you will be able to get more clients easily that way. Although they will definitely take a cut of your money, they can potentially provide you with more clients than you can ever believe in your wildest dreams.

Secret #3 –Be available. That’s right. This trick is so simple but can get you many more clients in Vegas. If you are available and quick to arrive at the destination most of the times, then the escort website will be able to and inclined to refer you a lot more clients over other escorts. They certainly do not like referring clients to escorts who are always busy. If you are available, they want you to get more business, because it makes them more money as well. Call it a mutually beneficial (financially) partnership. Some escorts mistakenly think that being ‘hard to get’ will increase demand – uh oh you are thinking in the wrong way. Most clients are just in town for 1 day or even just 1 night, hence they do not have time to play games. If you want to make the most money, be readily available at all times.

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