According to Science, Your Child Should Take Piano Lessons

Did you know that Science has proven that kids who take piano lessons will grow up to be far smarter and have better cognitive abilities in future than kids in Singapore who do not take piano lessons? If you are searching for a piano teacher, look no further – simply get SG LEARNPIANO to help your kid find a teacher in Singapore.

First of all, learning the piano helps your child to develop a larger amount of grey brain matter. The visual-spatial regions and auditory regions of your kids brain will also develop better than non-musicians. In fact, these changes are very rapid. Just 15 months of piano lessons will cause these positive lifelong brain changes in your children. Therefore, it’s important to get your child to learn the piano as young as he or she can as long as he or she is open to learning it. He or she will thank you in future for the brain development in future. Just make sure to thank us in future when that happens!


Having your child learn the piano will also help to reduce the effect of aging on the brain of your child. People who have learnt piano lessons have been shown to score the highest in testing on nonverbal memory recall, sequencing, visuomotor speed and cognitive flexibility. Studies have also shown that playing the piano before the age of nine and playing it for ten years results in the greatest brain benefits to your children. As you can possibly see, learning the piano at a young age will benefit your child in his or her future working life in terms of IQ, and help him or her when they are old by keeping them more mentally alert than people who have not learnt the piano.

When your kid is involved in learning piano and the musics/arts in Singapore, there is a far greater chance that he or she will only mix around with the good kids / ‘nerds’ (read: they will become highly successful adults) rather than kids who are like gangsters. You certainly do not want a child who turns out to be a hooligan. Chances are, if your child falls in love with the piano and hangs out with piano loving children, then he or she will not mix around with kids who like to smoke, drink and hang out late. Learning the piano can connect your child to potentially other highly successful kids (and hence rub off on him or her) and keep him or her out of the wrong crowds!

Giving your kids private piano lessons in Singapore is definitely an investment that is worthy of your attention and time.

And so, readers, I turn to you. Can we tell our kids – much like we do with chores – that our kids must learn and practise the piano without being the fearsome Tiger parent?

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