How To Ace ABRSM Exam Pieces Easily – 3 Secret Tips

Passing your ABRSM exam pieces can be tough if you let nerves get to you, and do not focus on the right marking criteria. But, there are many music students in Singapore who manage to ace their ABRSM piano exam pieces. I shall now reveal to you the 3 secret tips students in Singapore use to ace their ABRSM exam pieces.

First of all, playing the right notes should not be your main focus – although you should hit the right keys. However, the real crux to scoring well is hidden in plain sight – right in the marking criteria. To get a distinction for your piano exam, you will need the following: expressiveness, musical shaping and vivid communication of character and style. If you notice, none of them focused on technicalities. Instead, to get a distinction, you will need to bring out the personality of the song, by your own means. Of course, this begins with choosing the right song. You are given 3 choices per era of piano exam pieces to choose from, so make sure to choose one in which you can connect with most emotionally. The more emotions you can feel from listening to the song, the better you can expressively play the piano song during your exams.

Next of all, do not start learning the notes but to first listen to good performances of the exam piece that you have chosen. You can listen to those provided by ABRSM themselves. Take note of how the exam piece was interpreted and expressed musically. Remember, a pianist is not a technician. A pianist is an artist and your work of art is the song you are playing – even though it is just for an exam!

The third secret I have to share with you is that play the song slowly first, but while maintaining the correct rhythm. This is so that you will be able to develop the right muscle memory. Over time, then you increase the speed you play the piano song at. If the muscle memory is wrong right from the beginning because you tried to play the piano exam piece too quickly, it will be difficult for you to correct any mistakes in future. Just a note that playing the piano piece slowly does not mean that you play it without the right rhythm and pauses. You still play it right, just that you play it slowly.

So there you go, the above are the 3 tips to help you ace your ABRSM exam pieces easily. If you want a private home piano teacher in Singapore, make sure to check out SG LEARN PIANO and visit their site to get matched up with a piano teacher in Singapore.

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