Piano Child Prodigy – Can Your Child Be One?

Every parent dreams of their children achieving big goals and ambitions and being happy while doing it. This is the case with most parents in Singapore as well!

I love playing the piano, and so I would love it if my child could learn the piano and master it as well as I do and even better.

In my opinion, the best way for your child to learn the piano in Singapore is to invest in a good standing (if you live in a flat) or a grand (if you live in a bungalow) piano and engage a private home piano teacher.

With a dedicated piano teacher, it is possible that your child will also fall in love with music, and perhaps be a child piano prodigy! (Check out https://twitter.com/sglearnpiano if you want to engage a private piano teacher in Singapore).

I love hard work. I love talent. I love hard work plus talent because it results in simply musical magic!

Check out this kid here:

The kid plays amazingly well, and your child may be able to play like that too with a dedicated and talented music teacher.


Is A Private Piano Teacher Or School Piano Teacher Better?

Is it a better idea for your child to learn from a private home piano teacher who teaches him or her in the comfort of your own home or is it a better idea to send your child to a nearby music school to learn the piano? Is a private teacher or school better for your child?

Here are some of the common advantages and disadvantages of learning from a private piano teacher.


  • Timings are definitely more flexible, as you can negotiate with the teacher. Private home piano lessons is like a bespoke experience compared to music piano schools.
  • You don’t need to bother sending your child to the school and waste travelling time. Your child’s piano teacher will travel to your house.
  • You will be able to monitor the piano lesson at all time if you are also at home. This ensures that the teacher will be able to teach in a caring and nurturing way.
  • In the unlikely and unfortunate event your child falls ill or there is a event he or she needs to go to, you can simply reschedule the class and not miss out.


  • Some private home piano teachers charge a significantly higher price if you live in one of the outskirts of Singapore. This is because they need to account for their travelling expenses and time.
  • If you are an over controlling parent, you may tend to micro manage the piano teacher, and he or she may not like it and will want to quit.

Here are some of the common boons and banes of have your child learn from a music school.


  • Some children learn better with one to one attention, while others learn better in a group. If your child learns better in a group, then learning at a piano school is a better option.


  • Most schools have fixed curriculum to follow, so if your child is an exceptionally fast learner, it will be a waste of his time or her time to learn from a school instead.
  • Make up classes and rescheduling is seldom allowed, and will still be billed to you.
  • Most music schools follow public school system, and so you will be able to learn only during the normal schooling periods (e.g. no June or December lessons). Of course, this is not the case for all, but many schools in Singapore.

At the end of the day, a lot depends on your child’s expectations, and personal learning preferences.